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Our business continues to grow due to referrals from our customers.  We sincerely thank you for recommending us...
Grooming Tables and AccessoriesTable Works, LLC has long been an innovator in developing quality products for the dog fancy. All of our products are hand crafted of the highest quality materials and incorporate designs that continue to evolve over time. They have been created with the grooming professional in mind, and are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

We started manufacturing the Micro Table in 1985, and now feature a line of high quality Grooming Tables, Grooming Arms, Dryer Holders, Tool Caddys, and Nooses. All of our products are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and our grooming arm clamps come with a lifetime warranty, period....

Our grooming tables feature a one-piece molded urethane edge designed to absorb the bumps and dings of everyday use, and a lightly textured, waterproof, chemical resistant, rubbery, non-skid surface that is bonded to the table top.

All of our grooming tables feature lightweight aircraft quality (6061-T6) aluminum legs that are manufactured by us. Our ringside table legs are welded, not riveted or screwed together like other manufacturers, so they will not get wobbly with use. The adjustable legs on the full-sized tables are also aluminum and adjust from 26" to 36". These tables fold flat and are lighter than ANY adjustable leg table on the market today, including Air Table, Champagne, GroomStar, General Cage, Master Equipment, Hanvey, Sett-R-Rite, GroomRight, etc. Our tables also feature comfortable handles to make them even easier to carry.

We are now producing our Ultra-Light adjustable leg grooming tables.  So light, you will need to keep a dog on them to keep them from blowing away.  So light, you will be amazed at how strong they are; even stronger than the previous lightweight model. No special plate to mount the grooming arm, no excess weight to carry around.

The latest addition to our line of Ultra-Light adjustable leg grooming tables is our suitcase-sized table that was created to fit into a standard size suitcase for airline travel. It features a 16" x 26" top size, and adjusts from 24" to 35" tall. It weighs only 12/13 pounds, and is extremely strong and sturdy for a table of its size.

Our grooming arms feature cast aluminum clamps that are so sturdy that we offer an unlimited lifetime warranty on them. The arms themselves are stainless steel and feature our unique folding head. We have several models of grooming arms to meet your every need, and also make grooming arms to fit the old McKee crates.

Unlike other dryer/hose holders on the market, our Dryer Holders actually work; no more plywood clamps that are difficult to squeeze, don't stay put on the table, and warp your dryer/hose.  These Dryer Holders utilize our small, sturdy, clamp to securely mount the holder to the table.  They feature an easy to use cradle and bungee arrangement to conveniently hold hair dryers, blower hoses, lights, or whatever you have to hold. The flexible tubing is easily bent into position, yet stays where you put it.  The Chris Christianson "Hold-a-Hose", while a more expensive imitation of our Dryer Holder, is not as sturdy, nor as versatile.

We have recently introduced a NEW and IMPROVED version of our innovative Groomer's Tool Caddy (grooming caddy). Its patent pending design securely holds the various grooming instruments and protects them from damage while keeping them readily accessible and preventing accidental injury to the groomer or animal.  In addition to being a much better product, the new Tool Caddy is also less expensive than the original all-aluminum version that we have sold for many years.  Better, and less expensive; what more could one ask for?

A recent addition to our product line is the NEW Flexi-Restraint System, an overhead restraint system that offers the ultimate in safety and flexibility to both groomer and dog.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or special needs, please feel free to contact us.


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